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An Evening with Psycopg2

Psycopg is the most used PostgreSQL driver for the Python programming language. As a driver it stays at a relatively low level, allowing to use all the features offered by the database. Behind the scenes, it does its best to convert the rich Python data model into the likewise rich PostgreSQL data model: we will take a look at the adaptation mechanism and how to customize it to add new data types or change the default behaviour.

PostgreSQL - backup and recovery with large databases

Dealing with large databases is always a challenge. The backups and the HA procedures evolve meanwhile the database installation grow up over the time. The talk covers the problems solved by the DBA in four years of working with large databases, which size increased from 1.7 TB single cluster, up to 40 TB in a multi shard environment. The story tells how was implemented the disaster recovery with pg_dump and the high availability with the log shipping/streaming replication.

The hitchhiker's guide to PostgreSQL

The talk is an all around PostgreSQL exploration. The rocky physical layer, the treacherous MVCC’s swamp and the the buffer manager’s garden. In 50 minutes the audience will discover the hidden gems of the most advanced open source database. About the speaker. Federico Campoli is a data engineer and an amateur python developer. He started his career as Oracle DBA in 2004 and fell in love with PostgreSQL in 2007.

Talking Tables, two way communication with PostgreSQL

This talk covers PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers which are tables that can read and write to external services. Efficient ways to run queries from applications will also be covered. About the speaker. Matthew Franglen works as a team lead in Brandwatch. He has a long history of development, with over 10 years of experience.