PostgreSQL query execution and planning

Talk will is about how PostgreSQL executes a query with a description of the access strategies. There will be an explanation on how to read the execution plan and an introduction to the query’s performance tuning. The audience will get the answer to the classic question: “Why the query is not using the index?”

Bridging PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch

Elastic Search and Postgres: Different ways to search text Postgres provides two special index types for text. Searching for records that match a user provided phrase can be done easily and quickly. When the speed of these isn’t enough then you can use elastic search. Elastic search is a very different kind of database that can provide faster and more complex text searches. By combining it with postgres you can get the best of both worlds.

PostgreSQL and RAM usage

In 40 minutes the audience will learn a variety of ways to make postgresql database suddenly go out of memory on a box with half a terabyte of RAM. Developer’s and DBA’s best practices for preventing this will also be discussed, as well as a bit of Postgres and Linux memory management internals. About the speaker. Alexey Bashtanov works as a PostgreSQL developer in Brandwatch. He is a database developer with over 10 years of experience.

The ninja elephant, scaling the analytics database in Transwerwise

Business intelligence and analytics is the core of any great company and Transferwise is not an exception. The talk will start with a brief history on the legacy analytics implemented with MySQL and how we scaled up the performance using PostgreSQL. In order to get fresh data from the core MySQL databases in real time we used a modified version of pg_chameleon which also obfuscated the PII data. The talk will also cover the challenges and the lesson learned by the developers and analysts when bridging MySQL with PostgreSQL.

pg_chameleon a lightweight replication system

pg_chameleon is a lightweight replication system written in python. The tool connects to the mysql replication protocol and replicates the data in PostgreSQL. The author’s tool will talk about the history, the logic behind the functions available and will give an interactive usage example. About the speaker. Federico Campoli is a data engineer and an amateur python developer. He started his career as Oracle DBA in 2004 and fell in love with PostgreSQL in 2007.